Jennifer with Sheehan Advertising and Marketing is the best by far.  This girl knows her stuff from building relationships with other doctors, using social media, and seeking out the best sources for your advertising dollars.  She does it all and does it well.  If you want to get the most “bang” for your buck, I would recommend her hands down.  She has a very professional presentation and handles herself and clients with grace and style. Thank Jennifer for everything you’ve done for us!

Greg Greenberg DDS/Rx Smile Orthodontics Exclusively-  http://www.rxsmile.com/



“Jennifer’s relationships with Internal Medicine and Family Practice physicians has helped my practice grow by generating more referrals. Her ad designs helped our print marketing become more successful aswell. She works hard to market your practice and really cares about your success. Jennifer really works hard to get your business more business. I was impressed with her commitment to growing Premier Foot and Ankle.”

Dr. Jaryl Korpinen/Podiatrist –  http://www.premierfoot.com



“During the time I worked with Sheehan Advertising and Marketing I found Jennifer to be extremely professional, energetic, reliable, enthusiastic, trustworthy and knowledgeable about growing my dental practice. Jennifer goes above and beyond and does what she says she will do. Jennifer is creative and thinks outside the box to consistently bring in new patients every month to my dental practice”.

Vi Nguyen DDS/Aesthetic Plus Dentistry-  http://www.yoursmilemakeover.com



“Jennifer is enthusiastic, hardworking, innovative and
diversified in her marketing methods. Her experience and extensive networking
skills in the local area are tremendous assets to her skill set. By networking
with her referral physician base, she has significantly increased new consults
to my practice. She is committed to growing your business.”

Frank Felts MD, F.A.C.S. / Bariatric Surgeon –  http://www.drfrankfelts.com



“Jennifer Sheehan is an out of the box thinker who knows how to make business come in from many directions. Everything she does from websites, blogging, social networking, designing collateral and  working the referring physicians is a very detailed system  to bring in new business.  The systems she puts in place actually works well to bring in a lot of new business”

Nita Chen-Owner/Gateway Physical Therapy- http://www.gatewaytherapy.net



“Jennifer knows where to place your advertising and designs effective ads  that bring in business. She  has strong relationships with the OBGYN, Internal Medicine and Family physicians that turn into new patients for my practice. Jennifer works hard to bring in business from many angles and is willing to handle every aspect of my marketing so I don’t have to worry about it.”

Dr. Theresa Garza/Weight Loss Doctor- http://www.weightmanagemedical.com



“Jennifer knows everyone, she packed my dental office for our open house event. The party turned in to a lot of business for my dental practice! Jennifer is creative, knowledgeable and a problem solver.”

David Silber DDS/Cosmetic Dentist –  http://www.davidsilber.com



“My experience with Sheehan Advertising and Marketing has been exceptional, and it is all due to Jennifer Sheehan. Jennifer’s approach is not a one size fits all, and I truly feel that she customizes her marketing approach exactly to the needs of my practice. She has gone above and beyond many times proactively, and she is a pleasure to work with. I have seen my practice increase in size dramatically since starting with Sheehan Advertising and Marketing, and I highly recommend her for any practice that wants to grow.”

Eric Kavosh MD/Allergy and Immunology-  http://www.clearai.com



“The specialists I have met through Jennifer over the years still continue to be an invaluable resource for me and my patients.”

Joy Touchstone M.D. –  http://www.planomedpeds.com



“Jennifer has a large affluent database and  knows how to strategically utilize her social networking (Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter, email and blogging) to bring in new business for her clients!”

Jan Richey/The Jan Richey Team/Keller Williams Realty- http://www.janrichey@kw.com



“I have worked with Jennifer for many years now,  If you want to grow your business by 25% or more hire her because she knows how to make it happen!  I recommend Sheehan Advertising and Marketing to anyone who wants more business!”

Caty Walker-Owner/Back Stage Hair Salon Frisco http://backstagefrisco.com/



“Jennifer works hard introducing me to referring physicians, blogging, designing ads and using her large social network database to promote my practice”.

Robert Jeffrey Doyle DPM/North Star Foot & Ankle- http://www.northstarfoot.com



“Jennifer!! THANKS SOOO VERY MUCH for your efforts in promoting Night of Superstars: DFW 2013!! You are THE BEST (by far) in the marketing industry!! THANKS for always doing what you say you’ll do, which is, unfortunately, a rare quality these days. Thanks for showing so much support for our SUPERSTARS and their families!!”

Greg Johnson- Founder, Night of Superstars- http://.www.nightofsuperstars.org 



“Let me just say one word about Jennifer: Awesome!”

“Jennifer knows her job and is always up to date on the latest means and technology to take any business to the next level.
She is very professional, devoted to her clients, always on time, and does a great job keeping clients informed on the contacts made and  goals for the business! She does a great job! She is a great marketer with a passion for making sure she does all she can to make her clients business succeed. Working with her was a great experience and I will totally use her services again! Thank you so much Jennifer for all your hard work. I really really appreciate you!”

Ifeoma Obiagwu  BA, RN
Nurse Care Home Health Agency
10925 Estate Lane
Dallas, Texas 75238
Office: 214-340-5577



“Jennifer with Sheehan Advertising & Marketing is the best at promoting and growing your business. She has the drive and personality to ‘get things done’ as well as thousands of contacts who know her and respect her. Jennifer operates her business with the highest moral ethics and standards, based on solid Biblical principles. I highly recommend her for all your marketing and promotional needs. Jennifer is a very classy and professional woman, whom you can trust”.

Dr. Deborah Moon/Lakeside Vision & Optical- www.lakesidevisionplano.com



If Jennifer Sheehan doesn’t know who you are, then you aren’t important. Just kidding! However, there really is some truth to that statement. She knows everyone because she works her business like it is her life. Jennifer is a true marketing professional not just because of her experience but also because this is her passion. She absolutely loves to help people and make connections, and she is the best at both! She has helped me grow my online presence tremendously and made my reign as Miss Texas International so much bigger and more impactful than it would have been without her. She is incredibly driven and motivated to help your business succeed, and if you know her inspirational life story, you’ll see where her drive comes from! I am beyond impressed with her work and new The BEST in Collin County Magazine. If you need someone to grow your business, Jennifer Sheehan should be your number one choice. You will not regret it!

Rachael Lynee Burns
Miss Texas International 2014


Jennifer Sheehan-Sheehan Advertising and Marketing/The BEST in Collin County Magazine- Jennifer Sheehan is the best to get your business out there to the people and watch it grow once you let Jennifer help you. She is a great person and knows the right people to help you. I give her 10 Stars. She is as beautiful inside her heart as she is in appearance. I am proud to call her my friend, Dianna Barnes owner of  Riverbend Sandler Pools  ‎ 



  I can’t say enough great things about Jennifer Sheehan and The Best in Collin County Magazine. From the beginning of our partnership a year ago, she has been a strong advocate and advertiser for my business, Oasis Accents. She fully understands the Collin County market and I can rely on her sound guidance on what’s right for my business. I chose the magazine because her readership is exceptional and most importantly, my target audience. Above and beyond the magazine, she takes the time to introduce my business to everyone. With her broad network, she also leverages social media outlets and email marketing to reach my potential audience. Her partnership is outstanding and I look forward to working with her for the foreseeable future.  Karen White, owner of Oasis Accents https://oasishomeaccents.com/