Jennifer Sheehan is a leader in the Dallas community. Utilizing “The Jennifer Sheehan TV Show” on KDFI Channel 27 Sunday’s at 11:30am following Joel Osteen. The Jennifer Sheehan Radio Show Fridays at 1:00 on KVGI Radio, The BEST in Colin County Magazine (printed and digital), Painful Victories Book, Business Owner’s Events, Email (200,000), Social Media (50,000) and business relationships built over 15 years, Jennifer Sheehan connects the business community. 

The Jennifer Sheehan TV Show is on KDFI Channel 27 Sunday’s at 10am following Joel Osteen. The show is real people with real stories of pain, miracles, redemption, overcoming and joy. Our brave guests pour out their hearts to inspire, encourage and give you hope! The show is real, authentic and not scripted. This is a Christian TV show that gives all the glory to God. The show is a 501 © (3) nonprofit with 100% of donations going back to The Jennifer Sheehan TV Show. The show’s main goal is to inspire, give hope, lead the viewers to salvation in Jesus Christ and encourage the viewers to be obedient to God and His Bible.

Our host is Jennifer Sheehan who was born and raised in Southern California to a bipolar, alcoholic mother who was married six times. Jennifer was mentally and physically abused by her mother and disowned by her father. Jennifer knows what it’s like to feel unloved, unwanted, unworthy, abandoned, rejected and abused. To live in rough neighborhoods, be on food stamps and buy her clothes from garage sales growing up. The best gift Jennifer’s mother ever gave her was sending her to church camp in seventh grade where she prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior. He became her everything and has always been enough. Jennifer has a passion for evangelism and encouraging others to learn to be obedient to God and His Bible to live the powerful life of peace, love, joy and purpose that God has intended us to live. Jennifer served four years active duty in the U. S. Army with one year in Iraq, she believes God took her from a soldier in the Army to now being a soldier in Gods ARMY! Jennifer encourages and inspires people for God’s glory through her TV Show, Magazine, Radio show and Book. Thejennifersheehanshow.com 


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